100 years of ethics


The intelligence and inventiveness of its staff has won Fratelli Guzzini its benchmark status in the design and manufacture of homeware.
Therefore, the company has always made human resources the foundation of its success, building strong bonds with its employees, its suppliers, and all the people who work with Fratelli Guzzini and become members of its large family.


Almost all Guzzini products are 100% recyclable, allowing the material used to be given a new life. What's more, the outstanding design content and superior quality of the raw materials used create exceptionally durable products, ensuring a high level of environmental sustainability.

Environment and
the community

Environmental protection has always been one of our company's core values. Strongly rooted in its local area and its natural and cultural heritage, it has always shown immense respect for people and the environment.


Fratelli Guzzini implements a dual warranty plan, covering both the origin of the materials and the controls made throughout the production chain.
It is certified by the Italian Plastics Institute (Istituto Italiano Plastici), which awards its MPI mark to certify that plastics are approved for contact with foods, providing consumers with the very best quality and safety standards. Guzzini products are also completely free from BPA (Bisphenol A).