Guzzini Street Collection


Guzzini Street Collection: six urban artists add their own style to our thermal bottles.

We would have to go back a long way to find the first time Guzzini entrusted its products to the creative hands and minds of internationally famous artists, in a strong pop spirit very much in tune with the company’s style.

From Ugo Nespolo to David Gerstein down to our own times, with Lorenzo Marini and his distinctive interpretation of the alphabet used to decorate everyday items, not forgetting “Soirée, La Luce del Pensiero: l’arte è il destino del design”, the exhibition at Fortezza da Basso in Florence featuring twenty artists of international fame led by the light of Joseph Beuys’ genius.

Art and design have always been at the core of Guzzini’s business, and this year it has decided to give this approach a highly contemporary character: six Italian urban artists have personalised the thermal travel bottles designed by Spalvieri&Del Ciotto, in their own individual styles.

The bottle, able to keep beverages at constant temperature (12 hours for hot and 24 hours for cold drinks) is made from stainless steel, with drip-proof, leak-proof airtight cap. Shatterproof and impact resistant, it is easy to fill thanks to its wide mouth, and it features a non-slip, anti-scratch bottom.

This bottle is without a doubt the most urban of all the items in the Guzzini On The Go collection: from office to gym and from jogging to leisure time.

“The idea came about through a happenstance encounter with one of our six chosen artists, Skolp,” company Chairman Domenico Guzzini explained. “We wanted something original, which would convey vitality and beauty without conforming to the usual stylistic and aesthetic rules. We had in mind an object that would be functional but distinctive. That would speak the language of a contemporary art form.”

The result is the six Street Bottles, belonging to the Street Collection: six different ways of dialoguing with shapes and colours, geometrical and round forms, black and white, produced using digital printing, which improves and enhances the brightness of the various hues. Each of the six artists has decorated the bottle in their own graphic style, adding their own tag, and choosing a predominant colour for the attractive pack in which the thermal bottle is supplied. The Street Collection is a special Edition within the ICONS section of the Guzzini catalogue: a unique capsule with design values as exclusive as those found in the world of fashion.

And here are the six bottles and the six artists who created them: