Re-generation Design


Sustainability and Design: the Re-generation collection wins the Red Dot Design Award and the Green Product Award.


When Design acts intelligently, reducing the environmental impact of processes and products, international accolades follow: Guzzini Re-generation wins the Red Dot Design Award 2021 and the Green Product Award!

Limiting unnecessary use of resources, reusing waste and cleaning up the seas to create durable, Italian-made objects: this is the thinking behind the Re-generation collection, the world’s first jar and lunch box collection with 70% post-consumer recycled plastic.

"With a clear focus on sustainability, these food containers convince as a contemporary product option made from recycled plastic."

Red Dot Design Award statement.

"Re-generation Guzzini is an exclusive range of food storage boxes and bottles meeting two consumer demands: 1. Purpose-led sustainable products 2. Products for food on the go, improving consumers’ busy lives. The range uses the highest recycled content possible, certified by UL laboratories. This has resulted in 400 tonnes of recycled plastic being used, and 530 tonnes of CO2 emissions avoided."

Green Product Awards jury statement


design: Spalvieri & Del Ciotto


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