Fuori Salone 2021 Creative Connections


“Uncracked”: from 4 to 19 September at Fuori Salone


The CIRCLE programme, which includes major collections from the Guzzini catalogue and now accounts for 45% of all output, is the protagonist of the latest edition of Fuori Salone “Creative Connections” together with Corepla, the Italian National Consortium for the collection, recycling and reuse of plastic packaging, a prestige partner and leader in plastics and their recycling.

From 4 to 19 September come and pay us a visit in the Cortile d’Onore (Ceremonial Courtyard) of Università degli Studi di Milano (via Festa del Perdono 7), where we will be presenting the work “Uncracked”, the installation created by Stroop Design for Fratelli Guzzini and Corepla in association with Jeffrey Beers International. The work invites participants to get involved and increase their awareness, to deliver a message of hope and imagine a way of life that enables us to reconnect to the Earth.

It consists of a form made entirely from a polycarbonate, containing a jagged crack full of compacted bottles: a striking metaphor of the way in which plastic can be transformed from waste to resource, in a work that conveys hope in a more sustainable future.

"We decided to take part in Creative Connections with Guzzini to publicise the message that plastics can be transformed from waste to resource, looking beyond the first impression and showing the tangible results, in this case Guzzini products, of the transformation made possible by the contribution of the public who have recycled their plastics, of Corepla which has managed the supply chain, and of the companies that have provided their resources, technologies and know-how to make plastics into a secondary raw material."

Giorgio Quagliuolo, Chairman, Corepla.

“Every one of us should feel individually responsible for protecting the environment and the planet. And everyone, depending on their role within the community, should transform this responsibility into genuine, tangible actions.”

Domenico Guzzini, Chairman, Fratelli Guzzini.

With the Circle Programme, we think of the future every day, by transforming plastic into a continual resource for the planet, and by giving it new life, by creating attractive, well made, high-performance articles from post-consumer plastics and thus implementing the virtuous circle of reuse.