Camst group and Guzzini Better Future Kit


Announcing the Camst group and Guzzini Better Future Kit
Goodbye to single-use cutlery in schools and companies


The vital need to reduce waste and our impact on our Planet has led to the Better Future Kit, a stainless steel cutlery set produced by Camst group in partnership with Guzzini to encourage reuse by replacing single-use plastic and compostable plastic cutlery in school and company canteens. Its name reflects the determination to give generations to come a better future.

Each kit, to be supplied to schools and companies by Camst group, comprises a full set of stainless steel knife, fork and spoon with a hard case in bio-based material, meaning that it is made from plastic of organic origin, derived from vegetable biomass waste and residues (agricultural and forestry waste), and therefore renewable. The plastic provides the product’s bio-waste content under the ISCC mass balance approach. The kit, 100% Made in Italy and easy and convenient to carry around thanks to its compact, space-saving shape, was created by Spalvieri&DelCiotto, Italian designers who have always prioritised sustainability in the conception of their projects.

 | Guzzini

“We strongly believe that people and companies can generate positive change if they are made aware of environmental issues and anti-waste policies,” underlines Francesco Malaguti, chairman of Camst group. “We view sustainability as not merely a promise but a genuine objective. Given the current environmental crisis, we want to work to reduce our impact and to involve the users of our services, first and foremost in school and company canteens, by eliminating single-use cutlery. Guzzini is a company that guarantees us Italian-made, top quality products, and shares our sustainability values. We have worked with them to create a product that can help us to safeguard our Planet on a day-by-day basis.”

“Taking care of the world means adopting new industrial cultures, based on partnership between integrated businesses and the protection of the environment, and our partnership with Camst group is a shining example. At the end of 2021 we decided to cross a new frontier by using bio-based plastic made from vegetable biomasses, a real revolution in the designer household goods market,” declares Domenico Guzzini, chairman of the company of the same name, ”and this is the material we have used to produce the Better Future Kit, the perfect ambassador for the concept of ethical production, in which product quality and convenience go hand-in-hand with the protection of the planet and all of us.”


 | Guzzini

Better Future Kit: not just a cutlery set, but a way to take part in the change.

The aim is to raise the awareness of businesses, institutions, pupils and families about sustainability issues and anti-waste policies, cooperating for genuine change in which everyone has a part to play.

Membership of this project means helping to safeguard and protect the future of coming generations and the Planet. In fact, adopting the kit will have a positive environmental impact, with reduction of atmospheric CO2 emissions and a saving of tonnes of pollutant single-use plastics.

As well as supplying the Better Future Kits, Camst group will distribute communications material within companies and schools to inform and actively engage with adults and children, to give them an understanding of the great value of sustainability and the importance of small everyday actions.