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Our mission

Objects that are good for people and the planet

Our commitment to the environment goes back a long way: back in 1987 we sponsored Design Memorandum, a group of design academics and theorists which tackled the question of design ethics in the industrial age as a necessary condition for the development of modern design. The project’s first guiding principle stated that “There is only one environment. People are morally responsible for the effects of their actions on the environment.”

Today, we view sustainability as the key to understanding, interpreting and responding to social and environmental changes and to people’s lifestyles, a continual challenge that guides our constant research and innovation and our decisions when creating new product lines. All our products have always been famed on the market as multifunctional, recyclable and amazingly durable, all characteristics guaranteed by genuine Italian design, choice quality materials and state-of-the-art technologies, which also enable us to eliminate waste from our processing of the raw materials.

Driven by this era of environmental challenges, we have achieved another step forward, springing from our desire to design products in harmony with nature. To give genuine strength and power to these ideas, we must create products rooted in a new convergence of different disciplines, where the role of design is of primary importance because it is our means for promoting responsible practices and solutions in the processing and use of plastics. This mission involves innovators, visionary technical experts and change-makers, capable of interpreting this change by working to identify new materials and processes that include the reuse of materials from products’ end-of-life.

The circle that contains the future

Use and regeneration of materials: a future story

To encourage the advent of a more natural economy, we have decided to adopt a specific working plan, Circle: by placing the product within a total vision, we give value to circularity. With Circle, we have started out on a path of giving new beauty to recycled materials, through a programme of eco-sustainable products resulting from a complex, high-precision procedure which processes secondary raw materials. With Circle, we integrate sustainability into our business model to an even greater extent, adding a circularity approach to the durability and recyclability that have always been key characteristics of Guzzini collections. Fratelli Guzzini’s goal for the coming years is to extend this production method to embrace other product categories.

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Sustainability Report

The path to continual improvement

The ethical conduct of our business, caring for and satisfying our customers and suppliers and a strong bond to our local Marche region guide us in the design and manufacture of our products, and in the management and appreciation of our employees. These are some of the topics covered in the Sustainability Report, which publishes the annual results of Guzzini’s Sustainability policy.