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The circle that contains the future

A business method and mission.

LONG-TERM INNOVATION. In 1912, over a hundred years ago we had ideas worth cultivating, followed by more and more over time. The secret of the Guzzini family and its Marche region can be summed up in a simple phrase: a job well done. Our origins have prepared us to face the age of networking and technological innovation with confidence. That development continues, as we operate like a laboratory, researching and testing the materials, functions and tools of tomorrow, and researching solutions for a more natural economy. Learning, in other words, to do things even better. This is our recipe for the future.

MADE IN ITALY. We are rooted in our origins and the landscapes and culture we were born in. Our production plant is at Recanati, and it is here that we conduct research into functions and design, and innovative trials, carefully combining different materials to create lovely, durable, sustainable products.

RECYCLED PLASTIC. With the Circle Programme, we have started out on a path that gives new beauty to recycled material, using research, technology and design to create new, durable, recyclable, stylish objects, all strictly Italian-made. Circle integrates sustainability into our business model to an even greater extent, adding a circularity approach to the durability and recyclability that have always been key characteristics of Guzzini collections.

ENERGY IMPACT. Energy consumption is a major environmental factor, and so we have made our Recanati plant into a high-efficiency complex, covering some of our energy consumption from renewable sources.

WELFARE. Change starts from the Community: we have introduced corporate welfare practices that aim to reduce our personnel’s environmental footprint, and encourage the adoption of good practices by the entire network involved.

FUTURE. In our view, taking care of the world means adopting new industrial cultures, based on partnership between integrated businesses and dialogue with the environment. We believe that innovation is achieved via complex, adaptive production, use and reuse systems, which view all natural elements as fundamental protagonists in the processes of life.


Regeneration of material: the process

Objects that are good for people and the planet

We are creating a cycle good for people and nature: Circle is not just a collection of products made from recycled plastics: it is an entire system, which combines the recycling of water and detergent bottles after use, the start-up of a chain which cleans them and reduces them to flakes, and resolves a series of technical and design problems to enable the use of these recycled flakes for moulding new objects.

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Sustainability Report

The path to continual improvement

The ethical conduct of our business, caring for and satisfying our customers and suppliers and a strong bond to our local Marche region guide us in the design and manufacture of our products, and in the management and appreciation of our employees. These are some of the topics covered in the Sustainability Report, which publishes the annual results of Guzzini’s Sustainability policy.



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